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I am a very powerful Woman with a killer attitude. I use everything in my divine nature to control you, and I do not feel sorry about leaving you aching and wanting more. I have a passion for mind fucking you while draining your wallet, and if you're trainable and loyal, I'll sometimes grant you a release. I know that you weak for strikingly gorgeous Women, and I intend on taking full advantage of you, while also making it a lot of fun. You can try but you will never be able to forget about Me once I have decided to make a connection with you. You will feel Me creep into various aspects of your thoughts. I will change the way you look at everything as you fall graciously under My intoxicating spell. Your urge to please Me will consume you night and day. Every man I encounter becomes so passionately obsessed that he can no longer cum without My approval or My image in mind. Controlling your cock comes so easily for Me that it should probably be illegal, but thank Goddess it's not. I'm your hottest and most Dominant dream come true!

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