An interview with Sara Retali:

An interview with Sara Retali:

Where are you from and explain the culture? I'm from Caracas, Venezuela! a very lively Latin city, with a very hot spirit, a lot of party, good food, amazing environment. but now unfortunately it is seen in a crisis of dictatorship that has oppressed its people

Can you describe the kind of things you do inside your onlyfans account? Inside my OnlyFans, I show my true self, without ties or censorship! I am a crazy girl who enjoys her sexuality and I love that others enjoy with me! I love knowing that behind the camera there is someone who gets hard just seeing an image of me

What do you hate about onlyfans? What bothers me most is that there are some subscribers who think that because they pay a subscription value from your owners and they can treat you or demand what they want! I am an erotic artist but I am still a Woman above all

How can someone get your attention on onlyfans? my time is money, so the more generous you are with me the more attention and gifts you will have from me

Do you go live on onlyfans? Yes! Frequently

Where are the best places to catch you live? Onlyfans and live on

How do you think the online world can be better for models? the online world is a world where you decide what you show, where you put your own schedule! so if you make this one of the best quality you have the guaranteed success

Favorite Sex position? the position is not so much, if he or she makes me horny any position is good

Have you ever kissed a girl? I love kissing girl

What is the best way for models to work with you? Be kind and respectful

What’s your biggest turn on? Brain

What do guys compliment you most on? About my ass and legs

What do you sleeping in? Naked

Would you date a guy that you met on social network? I never think about it

What girl would you like to shout out? Cardi b

Which photographer would you like to shout out? Orangutang

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