An Interview with Jessica Sunok

An Interview with Jessica Sunok:

Where are you from and explain the culture? I was born in Pennsylvania, raised in North  Carolina. I grew up in Raleigh a very quiet for the most part town, lots of trees and the most beautiful fall ever, not to mention the Carolina blue sky! It’s a very southern hospitality area :)

Can you describe the kind of things you do inside your onlyfans account? I love to create my own model music videos posing or even shaking my bum around hehe. I also am now shooting full topless, free spirit! ❤️

What do you hate about onlyfans? How crazy long it takes to load videos and when they reset after I waited 😂

How can someone get your attention on onlyfans? Definitely a large tip will always get my attention! I try to talk to all my fans I love them so much, unfortunately I do get a lot of messages and can miss over them. A tip is a quick way for me to see 😘

Do you go live on onlyfans? I do go live every Thursday at 7pm pacific standard to me.

Where are the best places to catch you live? I go live on my Instagram @jessicasunok and also my onlyfans @thejessicasunok

How do you think the online world can be better for models? I feel it would be a lot better if our fans could be understanding of our boundaries and price points :)

Favorite Sex position? Pretzel dip oof 😅

Have you ever kissed a girl? Yes I have back in a high school party hehe

What is the best way for models to work with you? Reaching out through direct message/email or even commenting on my photos! I always like to go through my comments :)

What’s your biggest turn on? Sucking my toes give me a exciting tingle inside 🙈

What do guys compliment you most on? Typically my body physic, I mainly get compliments on my nose and jawline lol!

What do you sleeping in? I sleep naked 😘

Would you date a guy that you met on social network? Yes

What girl would you like to shout out? I want to shout out my baby @alexas.morgan she’s such a darling angel and I want the world to know 😘

Which photographer would you like to shout out? Rich Photo

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