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************I DONT DO BOOKINGS!!!. I hate persistent behavior & trying to convince me otherwise is just getting you ignored & blocked. I don’t do meet ups,hangouts,meet & greets,”just a date”,fan fucks, bookings,prom bookings,family events, & etc . I just do INTERNET SERVICES.*************




Hello, and thank you for taking an interest in Me & my work. I am A 25 yr old, Happy Go Lucky, Solo Content Creator & Solo Webcam Model. Solo meaning ONLY ME IN MY CONTENT. I do like to make sensual,creative content, that I know you will enjoy : ). Right now I am only focusing on creating content. I’m not doing Custom Videos now, & when the time is right I will get back on Webcam cause I do miss you guys!!! If you don’t know what content is suited for you, please read below to help you make an informed decision when making your patronage. With your purchase you’ll be helping me make better and better content during my Career for you to enjoy : ) .


1.Premium Snapchat: (I still post on here, I just stopped promoting it) I have TWO SNAPS. Public account(Messages off/Free), and my Premium(Messages on/one time fee).I will refer to this as VIP Snap,Exclusive Snap, XXX snap, Private Snap, 18+ Snap & etc. Here I post my New full shows. I aim for new content 5-6 days a week. It is Full solo only shows,ranging from 5mins to 19mins usually,I am completely nude,I do play with my Pussy most days(when its not that time of the month). You’ll see tit play,pussy play,dirty talking,food play,toys and more. I do receive many messages and I do try my best to respond to everyone,I take requests on shows youd like to see(as long as im comfortable with it) I offer discounts to my other content, and I try to post daily selfies/snap vids too along with the Premium shows.



2.Manyvids: A lot of fans wish to go back to old Premium Snap shows, or they don’t want to be subscribed to my Onlyfans.They will be available here. (for the most recent/up to date shows are on my Premium or Onlyfans). I will start recording Exclusive videos for Manyvids too, in the near future. I post different shows on my Premium & onlyfans. I currently am not doing Custom Videos.



3.Onlyfans: Where content doesn’t expire. I don’t send out paid messages in your DM. And I don’t post teasers on my newsfeed. It’s full content on the newsfeed for you watch over & over again. I don’t post the same shows from my Premium here & vice versa. I also check & respond to your sweet messages,comments here. if you have a request for a show you would like to see please let me know and I will try to do it if its something I’m comfortable with.




4.Pornhub/Modelhub: Yes pornhub is free. But I post Previews on there, and ,my very old  stuff. If you have a “Pornhub Premium” you can watch my paid for New videos I made for premium viewers on there.



5. X Videos Red : Yes Xvideos is free, But like my Pornhub I only post previews and my very old stuff. If you have access to X Videos Red, You can watch my New Paid for videos I created for X Videos Red members. Here you get a taste of everything.LITERALLY. For those not interested in a subscription you use tokens to get individual content of your choosing off the “Wall” side.Or you can subscribe to my subscription side. (the Wall & Subscription don’t have the same content,and its new content exclusive to only) If your a college student on a budget this subscription is for you!!! its my cheapest option.This way you can hit the books and take a break with me in your pocket ; ). You can also chat 1 on 1 with me and more. For my best stuff my Onlyfans or Premium s what you want.




7. Chatstar: Get my phone number here and send me a text. or if your feeling freaky you can sext me. we can trade pictures back and forth and tell me whatever you want. Im a very good listener, your secret(s) are safe with me.



I am DMCA, Cammodelprotection,& DMCA DEFENDER(Lawyers) Protected. I am a Legal Entity and expect for my content to stay on my platforms.You don’t have ANY rights to redistribute my content. If failure to follow Legal action will be taken against you.


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