Luna’s Mystery Shoot ’19

Okay my lovely Lunatics, the tattoo event was JUST THE BEGINNING! Y’all should know by now that I’m extra as fuck.. LMAO

So, later this month I have a photoshoot set up for my first model feature in a magazine launch. I’m so honored to be given this opportunity and I can’t wait for you all to see what I planned!

So here’s the details I can share:

The shoot will be mid-late December
The magazine release is early January
My shoot theme is “Eve in the Garden of Eden”

That’s about all I can say, honestly.. For now!

I will obviously post more information when I am given the okay to do so, believe me… I hateeeee keeping secrets! Lol

My photographer is a secret as well, BUT, I can tell you guys that he is an old friend of mine, he’s very talented, and he’s from my hometowns well, so we putting Sac on the map with this one! I’m thrilled to be working with him cause I know it’s gonna be a blast!

I will update later to let you all know when my shoot will take place, and I will reveal the identity of the mystery photographer by the weeks end, so make sure to keep checking here for the juicy details, cause I can only say/post so much on social media.

I do need some help from you guys, though! I have a goal to make $250 for my supplies; hair, nails, travel, costume, etc. If you would like to donate to the shoot, I attached the link to my cash app, send any amount you’re comfortable with and caption it “MYSTERY SHOOT” so I can keep track of the donations. Anyone who donates will not only receive a month of FREE premium snapchat, but you will all be entered into a special drawing where 3 lucky Lunatics will be given a FREE lifetime subscription to Premium with screenshots/saving rights, and also get a customized ‘thank you’ video from me! I’ve got 2 weeks or less so time is of the essence..

I cannot wait to be able to reveal more of my amazing details to you all!

A special thanks to the Lunatic who provided me with my ivy vines for my costume! (You know who you are!) I will post pictures of my ideas of my costume design later.



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