April Discordia

Purchase from My Deity Boutique

Purchase used, worn, filthy items from My closet and trash can. Desire something specific? Tribute $20 to Me to discuss.

Buy now from Deity Boutique or off MFC Share

Items I sell:

  • used socks
  • used panties
  • worn tights/nylons/fishnets/stockings
  • abused yoga pants
  • dirty shoes/sneakers/boots/flats/sandals
  • Bull-Gogurt
  • sweaty bras
  • Vile Vial of a certain Goddess cocktail (spit, bathwater, etc.)
  • trash
  • Polaroids of feet/ fetish wear/ nudes / BTC / etc.
  • picture sets
  • cinematic erotica
  • social-logo