About Me


Hardworking, intelligent, self taught entrepreneur.

32 years young, known as Pandora Blue, originally a farm-living country girl from Virginia, now living in the sunshine state of Florida.

I’ve been a social media influencer and entrepreneur for vape/cannabis the past 5 years. I started as a webcam model for Playboylive 7 years ago hints the name Pandora Blue, met a few individuals and decided to get into the vape industry, I started off promoting alot of vape products, working vape conventions, doing meet and greets to work with new people, and networking. Vape has taken a turn to where it’s hard to promote because of the FDA unfortunately.

So I decided to go back to my roots of cam modeling of selling my sexy exclusive content that you can only find on my personal websites!

Scroll up and tap on IsMyGirl or OnlyFans. You’ll see over hundreds of videos and pictures. So subscribe and stay tuned because there’s lots more to come!! Enjoy


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