Hey everyone welcome to my Hubzter link. For those interested here is a bit more about what I can do for YOU. For those of you who don’t know, I am a professional photographer now for over 20 years. (23 to be exact, but who’s counting?) I have always believe in growing, learning and passing on knowledge for the next generation. I have produced countless high quality photographs and marketing campaigns for tons of clients. From Scottsdales AZ’s own 944 to international FHM photo shoots. I am now trying to focus on the “giving back” part of my career. With my experience in model management, photography/video and editing as well as Social Media Marketing (recently acquired in 2017) I am not assisting creative content producers with branding. From social media branding to gaining more exposure, managing their brands and growing them all at the same time. It can be tough without business know’how and that’s where I come in. Not only can I photography you, shoot your video, edit your video and retouch your photos, create your logo, make your logo look awesome while swooping across your screen, set up your social media accounts, create stunning vibrant post for you, target market your followers and fans while helping you find a niche to exploit, create awesome themes, concepts and ideas to promote and market, I can make a sweet cup of coffee too. I look forward to hearing from you. Stay Focus, fall forward, keep moving.

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