Get Verified!

Nowadays the fraudsters and scammers love to try every way possible to steal, impersonate and to take advantage of the internet for their own personal gain. The large social network companies have their hands full with this problem. One of the ways of dealing with these fraudsters is to delete their fraud accounts but they quickly create a new one. This kind of activity makes it difficult to stop. Instagram developed a solution called Account Verification. Instagram’s team will do a personal review of your profile to ensure it is in fact your account at which point they will post a Verification Blue Starburst with a checkmark in it meaning that you have been verified. This is becoming the norm across many other platforms so we decided to adapt the same solution. If you want to ensure your fans that your Hubzter profile is yours simple send us the following information so we can review and verify your account.

Please email us at any of the following:

  • Drivers License
  • Any of your social network accounts
  • Website address